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Love my firefly’s

Just got my lights last week been on about 4 rides with them and they are great! Very strong magnets very secure! Been getting a lot of looks when I’m using for turn signals. I would love a clip for connecting to bag with loops. Can’t wait for the turn signal mounts! Definitely worth the wait!

Great system, love the new Firefly lights

I backed the Firefly Kickstarter and received most of my items yesterday - then promptly blinded my housemates with how bright they were, even at the lowest setting! Very impressed with both the build quality and how straightforward the setup was (as always, the weak link was the remote, which I already had with my Ultra helmet). The magnets are super-strong and are going to shave seconds per light off my removing every removable item from the bike when I lock up at the grocery store. Looking forward to the turn signal mount in the coming months.

Lumos Firefly
Jackie Tan
Sync firefly to Lumos Ultra

Syncing my lumos fireflies to my lumos ultra helmet. Lots of pattern to sync and group the fireflies in the order i need. Able to charge the firefiles wirelessly is a breeze as less wire get entangled.

Hope can get the free lumos reflective sock for this short video and photo review.

I love the Lumos bag too, it's so cool to store my helmet in it.

Lumos Kickstart
Ernesto Solis
Helmet is ok

If you need a helmet right away order somewhere else. It takes this company about a month to get it to you.

Lumos Firefly
Rick Uzubell
Amazing Quality

Just received my long-awaited Firefly bicycle lights and (not surprisingly) I'm totally blown away! As with my Lumos helmets, the quality is consistent and amazing. I've owned several bicycle lighting systems, and in spite of how much some cost, I was always left disappointed. My most expensive light flew off my handlebar and I never used it again! HOWEVER, when Lumos announced their Kickstarter campaign for their Firefly project, I was stoked! The wait was long but worth it. Since I received my Firefly's a couple days ago, I can hardly wait to ride my bike again. First, the setup was intuitive - the pairing is simple and I installed all four of mine in about 10 minutes. Secondly, the lights install securely and I'm confident they'll remain intact. Most importantly, the quality is obvious. With a variety of outstanding lighting patterns, the construction and intensity of the Firefly lighting system is top notch. I finally feel safe and secure with my bicycle lighting system. Bravo to Lumos! I'd highly recommend the Lumos Firefly to any bicycle owner. To the Lumos developers - a high quality wheel lighting system would also be appreciated.

Lumos Ultra
Chris Kleronomos
Love it

Added safety & easy to use

Lumos Kickstart

Last up Date

My handle bar remote won’t sync and the brake lights on the helmet don’t work any more

Remote + Handlebar Mount
Christian Baude
Remote Control with fun

I bought this additional remote as I wanted to use it on another bike.
Important it is rechargeable and easy to take with you. And here is the fun part: As I can have it with me easily I use it as well when I am on the street with Inliner.
So, works as designed.

Lumos Ultra
Christoph Baitinger
Fast replacement

Lumos replaced my helmet fast and without making any fuss! It would have been better for the Environment to replace only the broken plastic knob for helmet size adjustment. The knob is fixed by a screw and can be easily disassembled and replaced by User If Lumos could send a cheap new plastic knob instead of a whole new helmet.

Lumos Ultra (Limited Edition)
Awsome piece of tech.

If it had built in Bluetooth speakers and mic, i’d feel like Startrek on a bike. 😂

Lumos Kickstart
Terry Kenney
Great helmet

I love the easy fit and really love the lights. I feel very safe, day or night!

The cable works very well! Thanks!

Lumos Firefly
Arthur de Haan
Just Perfect

Great product, easy to use, high visibility during the day as well and great in sync with your partners.

Lumos Firefly
Wayne Toh
Safer than ever to cycle.

Missed the launch event due to work but non the less done a video. Enjoy.

Lumos Firefly
Chris Watson
Great lights

The whole experience was great! From the updates to delivery I was completely satisfied

speedy delivery

It only took me a few days from ordering to delivery. Everything was neatly packaged and arrived undamaged.
A good helmet that combines design and useful functions such as turn signals and brake lights (only with additional turn signal activation). He sits comfortably and firmly. The chin strap tends to adjust a little on itself. A good helmet in my opinion.

Lumos Firefly
Excellent addition to the Lumos ecosystem!

Really pleased with how easy it is to integrate the Firefly lights into a system with the Ultra helmet and remote. The new app makes it mostly quite intuitive and it all just works. The extra visibility, especially having increased visibility of the additional turn signal, provides a lot of confidence, especially in the left turn lane with cars behind me: I am confident that they know what I'm planning to do (which is extra comforting on a recumbent). On the maiden voyage today, the battery life was acceptable for a two hour ride, though I had it on the highest/brightest flashing mode. I will probably adjust to battery saving mode for longer rides. As a side note, I have one of the original Kickstarter Ultra helmets and I use it every day on my commute and it is still going strong (Hey! Eu-wen! Bring back the Yaya Papaya color FFS!). I'm expecting a similarly long life from the Firefly lights. It's just great to see the Lumos ecosystem of safety/lighting gear evolve. I'm also pleased to see that the remote is not USB-C and not that funky charging cable it was before. The Firefly lights are a valuable part of my spring upgrades to my bent! Good job, Lumos!

Lumos Firefly
John Koo
The best beautiful bike lights ever! I love it!

Firefly is so beautiful and bright, and light in weight as well. The magnet is very strong and it will not drop. The quality of the light and all the accessories provided are of very good quality. It is highly recommended to have firefly on your bike !

Best Bike Lights Ever, Period.

I love all things LUMOS. I still have two of your very first helmets and they are fully functional. You are one of the best at getting great results with your kickstarter programs. The firefly lights are so functional with my ultra helmet. It is so cool when I turn off my helmet and watch the other lights turn off automatically. My first ride was on my most rugged route and the magnets held my lights totally secure. I can’t wait until you guys do your next kickstarter program. Thanks for another great cycling product.

Lumos Firefly
Edwin Lim
Firefly and Lumos did it again

So honored to have Lumos based in Singapore. Long time Lumos fan and backed these little lights as soon as they were on KS.

Quality build as you hold it. Nice strong magnet. Very assuring on bumpy roads in SG. Bright lights that are sure to ensure you are seen during hours of darkness. So What’s there to hate? I have no idea.

Lumos Firefly
Damian Smith
Firefly lights in-use

'End-game' bicycle / micro-transport lighting!

Remember when you put AA batteries into bike lights with traditional bulbs, and then the shift to halogen? Remember when you could get the bottle-holder sized batteries to drive halogen and tghen white LED 'floodlight systems'? Remember when everything suddenly when tiny and long-lasting with LEDs?

Well, these LUMOS Fireflies are the 'final form' for the natural evolution of bike lights. Why not have rechargable and dismountable lights, with no fiddling? Why not make each light 'universal', so they can be configured how you like? Why not integrate indicator lights? Why not have them all sync and an App to keep an eye on them? Why not have two-up front and back, doubleing-up as you indicators? It just makes sense!

In practice these are ideals are realised perfectly in the hardware - I love my Fireflies! These are small, solid, pebble-like, but not too slippery in-use. Their LED arrays are bright and numerous. They connect into their 'network' to sync beautifully, via the App. Likewise, the indicator unit connects and operates seamlessly. There are also smart, thoughtful quality-of-life things like having the option for turning-off light, to turn off them all - neat!

The only issue is that having appreciated that 4 lights per bike is 'cool', I will need to purchase another four for my partner's bike! :)

Lumos Firefly
Andreas Lockau
Wirklich richtig gut und flexibel

Super Licht und passend zu meinen lumos Helmen.
Bin gespannt auf das nächste kickstarter Projekt

Lumos Firefly
D. Barrett
Awesome lights!

I really, really love these lights. I had some really basic lights when I bought my bike. I lost one of these because the light fell out of the holders. These lights have very strong magnets that easily pop in and out to charge. The app also tells you the charging levels. They sync well with Lumos helmets and do all sorts of cool things. I could not be happier with these lights. You will not be disappointed.

Lumos Firefly
David Jones
Great lites

Got these few weeks ago and iam very satisfied with these lites, one of my childhood friends went today for a trail ride and he loved how bright they are, he said you can see these very easy, great job